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You ever buy a chair, then redesign the whole room around it?

Mon 5 Dec 2005, 08:48 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Neither have I, really, but I've heard of it.  My son even had a computer teacher who redesigned a whole bedroom around a new computer he bought.  (Note to self - good way to precipitate a divorce).

But here I am with a new logo, and I can't help but want to redesign the whole website around the logo... or inspired by it, at least.  I already moved the menus, and my daughter says I need to make the squares "more round" now that I have a curvy logo.    Maybe I could use an approach like the Rounded table corners in Notes or maybe just like the rounded corners in XP.  I think I will do away with the rectangular images, but I might add some other artsy touch in the side panels, perhaps with wound images instead of rectangular.

So, any ideas for me?

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What has been said:

410.1. Richard Schwartz
(12/05/2005 07:30 AM)

Perhaps you should hire Elmer Fudd for those "wound images"? :-)

And, yes... I have redesigned a whole room around a chair. More accurately, around a Scandinavian-style reclining chair with foot rest that took up far more space than the previous chair and pretty much dictated that the room had to be rearranged.

410.2. Bruce
(12/05/2005 11:02 AM)

The running joke with some friends of mine was that I built a new house after getting the new Stickley furniture.

410.3. Stephan H. Wissel
(05/12/2005 16:46)

You could use OpenRico to round your corners. This way you don't need to tweak your html to get the corners round.

:-) stw