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SNTT: Hidden magic voodoo ritual to make your db act like Help db with layout and links

Tue 29 Aug 2006, 10:48 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Show and Tell Thursday logoA developer in the IBM Business Partner Forum (Dietmar Hoehmann of IT-Con Beratung und Service, to be exact) posted a series of wishes, including this old favorite
The help databases display in a custom window with a special layout. I want this option for my applications, too.
Mark Jourdain of IBM responded, and described the hidden magic voodoo ritual (my description, not his) that is described in Technote #1095308.  I thought reprinting this would be a good Show 'n Tell Thursday contribution, even worthy of being printed a couple of days early:


How to have a database open in a new window without bookmark bar and SmartIcons. The goal is to have the database resemble the look of the Notes Client, Designer and Administrator Help Databases.


This functionality is available using a setting in Database Properties. To access this setting:

1.   Select the database icon on the workspace.

2.   From the Notes menu, select File, Database Properties, and click the Design tab.

3.   Select (enable) the option for "List in Database Catalog."

4.   In the corresponding field for Categories, enter the following: NotesHelp

A database with these window settings:
  • Opens in its own window with a size determined by a NOTES.INI setting.
  • Has its own set of menus that includes the item View - Always on Top (which is off by default).

Note: If you wish to disable this window setting, you must first remove the NotesHelp category and deselect the option for List in Database Catalog. Then, you must remove and then re-add the database icon on the workspace. If you only disable the options in the Database Properties, the changes do not take effect.

Additional note for blog readers: No innocent chickens need be harmed in the performance of this ritual.

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