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Modernize - without the dead plants

Mon 30 Apr 2018, 09:24 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
There's been a lot of talk about modernization, and it has only accelerated with the enthusiasm surrounding Notes/Domino 10 and IBM/HCL's renewed emphasis on getting things done and getting them right. You may have even seen the slew of blog posts and advertisements by various well known, and perhaps less well known, companies. You can webify. You can mobilize. You can move the whole shebang into Mongo DB or another JSON database, and it all sounds spiffy and easy.
Now, maybe it is. Let's just say that the software does everything that's been promised. After all, there are many good, solid companies with a ton of tech know how. I'm friends with people in lots of these companies, and they believe in what they have to offer, so I believe them.
Now, you may think I'm coming out with yet another modernization tool or service or whizbang framework, but I'm. I encourage you to look at all these options and how they'll work. But remember, they're in the business of selling you planters. They're not so interested in transplanting your plants. If you are starting a whole new garden, that's great, but if you have years worth of carefully cultivated plants, you might give a thought to those.
At Genii Software, we can work with any of those companies (or none of them if you just want to export), but our speciality is moving the precious plants. Whether they are taking your data, rich text and otherwise, to Mongo DB or SQL or SharePoint or XPages or mobileFrameworkXQZ, we can help it stay intact and healthy. 
So, go shop for modernization tools or services, but no matter which you choose, give us a call and we can make their planters look happy, healthy, intact. Your plants (content) deserve it.
Send an email at or call us at +1 (216) 991‒5220 and see how we can improve your modernization, no matter who you use. Nobody does data conversion better.
Nice planters - dead plants (without Genii)
Planters with dead plants symbolizing lousy data conversion without Genii's products
Nice planters - live plants (with Genii)
Planters with healthy plants symbolizing great data conversion with Genii's products

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