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Mon 20 Sep 2004, 09:57 AM
You can read the press release and read all about how our new @Midas Formulas lets you do rich text manipulation from a smart icon, treat a table in rich text as if it were a view for @DbLookup and @DbColumn, and generate HTML from a single @DbCommand, but you can also get an evaluation license and try it yourself.  Imagine a formula language command to export a graphic from a rich text, something not supported in the core Notes product even though any browser can do it:

@DbCommand("Midas":"NoCache"; "ExportGraphic"; ""; @DocumentUniqueID; "Body":"Graphic 1"; "c:\\temp\\myImage.gif");

Anyway, I have had lots to say previously about @Midas Formulas, but expect to see a bunch of samples on our website soon.  This may just be easy enough to entice some of the power users out there off the fence, but you might need to let them know it is there.

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