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Sun 26 Sep 2004, 11:50 AM
Since we released both the Midas Rich Text C++ API and @Midas Formulas on the same day, I have been very curious about which would pick up steam the fastest.  While this is way too early to tell anything significant, the first indicators are that those who want to try out Midas C++ all also want to try out @Midas, but not the other way around.  About equal numbers of evaluators request all three products as request just the Midas LSX and @Midas, but only one person has requested the Midas LSX and the C++ API but not @Midas.

Part of the explanation, provided by Stephen Walch of Proposion, may be that @Midas can be called from Java and other places that might interest the ISVs and power users.  Stephen is looking into using either the Midas C++ API or @Midas in his Proposion N2N product, and @Midas Formulas has a unique advantage.  Database drivers do not require pre-loading or compilation or configuration.  If you call a database driver and it doesn't exist, it returns an error you can handle, and if it does exist, you can use it.  That is easier than an LSX and easier than a C++ version.  Hmmm.

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