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Wed 29 Sep 2004, 10:56 PM
I just can't stand bugs.  I hate them.  Unfortunately, I am in the wrong business, because all software has bugs.  Nonetheless, I at least have the satisfaction of knowing that Midas probably has a few fewer than a couple of days ago.

If you remember, I asked When is a bug not worth fixing?, and related the story of a rare bug with an easy workaround.  The problem is, when I dug deeper, I realized that the bug was not so rare, although it was seldom so obvious, and that the "easy workaround" may have been easy, but it was certainly not a workaround.

So, many hours later (about 2:30am, as I recall), I had finally rewritten the code to both severely limit the number of paragraph definitions, but also to properly restore them, which it hadn't been doing in some cases.  The customer checked and it worked for them, and it has passed all our internal test, so I guess that that bug and related ones are no longer part of Midas.

Unfortunately, there are always more bugs.  Even more unfortunately, there are never any more hours in the day.  I guess I'll just have to keep on keeping on.  Yawn!!!

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Wed 29 Sep 2004, 09:45 AM
John Roling (aka Greyhawk68) invited me to speak at the GRANITE User Group meeting in Chicago next Monday, October 4, and I gladly accepted.  It is a mix of admin and developers, so I will talk briefly about CoexLinks and then more extensively about the Midas Rich Text LSX, with lots of live demos.  A new twist for me is that I can show how the Midas Rich Text C++ API and @Midas Formulas fit into the Midas picture, and show a couple of quick demos of those.  

I intend to keep it fairly informal with lots of room for questions and discussion, and I hope it is both fun and informative.  While I've spoken at a number of conferences big and small, I've never spoken at a User Group meeting before, but I would like to do that more.  (Any of you in user groups out there who would like to have me talk, take note!)

If any customers or potential customers would like to meet with me while I'm in Chicago, get in touch soon, as I am only planning a day trip right now.

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