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Wed 2 Nov 2005, 09:34 AM
Many of you know that I am not a particularly big fan of advertising, although I am a big fan of marketing, so you may have been surprised to see a few CoexEdit and CoexLinks advertisements show up.  Consider it an experiment.  So far, I've only advertised on and, starting yesterday, on, which is as much as anything an excuse to donate to that organization without losing my capitalistic integrity.

So, what do you think of the ads themselves.  The one for CoexEdit is:

CoexEdit ad for

while there are two OpenNTF ads for CoexEdit.  The long, skinny one is similar to the one with a slightly different message appropriate for the audience:

Long skinny CoexEdit ad for

while the square one is:

Square CoexEdit ad for

What do you think of the ads?  Do you like the sparse wording and images?  What do you think of the fact that we are advertising at all?  Any feedback would be very interesting to hear.

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