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Fri 7 Jul 2006, 10:12 AM
Along with many others, I am seeing more comment spam, but it is still along the lines of one or two a day, not gazillions.  I am intrigued by how many people shut off comments on older posts, often with commentary that says they never get useful comments on old posts.  I am intrigued because it is not uncommon for this blog to get interesting comments on older posts.  I don't know why exactly.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that some posts such as the Domino Limits post, posted April 2004 with the most recent useful comment June 2006, are pointed to by many external pages.

Which brings me to the enduring popularity of my Rich Text 101 series of articles.  Wow!  I don't have statistics on how many times they have been read, although I wish I did, but the following list should give you an idea.  Here are the articles in the series, along with the number of months after the article was posted that the most recent non-spam comment was posted.  While you are at it, feel free to read the articles and post your comments and throw my whole numbering completely out of whack.  I'm used to it.

Rich Text 101 articles
Rich Text 101 - Doclinks (Posted July 2003, latest comment March 2005)
Rich Text 101 - Tables, Part 1 (Posted July 2003, latest comment November 2004)
Rich Text 101 - Images (Posted July 2003, latest comment November 2005)
Rich Text 101 - Paragraphs (Posted August 2003, latest comment April 2005)
Rich Text 101 - MIME/HTML (Posted September 2003, December 2005)
Rich Text 101 - Text (Posted September 2003, latest comment November 2005)
Rich Text 101 - Rich Text Itself (Posted October 2003, latest comment March 2006)
Rich Text 101 - Sections (Posted December 2003, latest comment January 2005)
Rich Text 101 - Hide-when formulas (Posted 2004, latest comment July 2005) 
Rich Text 101 - Layers (Posted January 2006, latest comment February 2006)  

That is an average of almost eighteen months between the initial post and the last useful comment.  As I said, "Wow!"  I'm glad people are still reading these (which are updated periodically to correct mistakes or to add in knowledge gained since they were written or even to note changes in later versions of Notes), and I am glad they are still commenting.

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