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Mon 13 Apr 2009, 03:32 PM
My younger son is 13, and he is a big fan of Age of Mythology (and all the other related games).  Last night, he was telling us about an experience he had while playing with the on-line portion of the game.  It was at an odd time of day, too early for many American teenagers, and he started interacting with a whole group of people playing, all of them speaking French to each other.  He doesn't know any French, so a couple of them tried to interact with him in English, but their English was not really good enough either.  Since he really wanted to keep interacting, he tried writing in Latin instead (as regular readers may know, he loves Latin just as he loves mythology), and a few of the French players also knew Latin, so he was able to keep interacting and collaborating with them, all in Latin.  It's good to know that English doesn't have to be a prerequisite for international cooperation.

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