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Wed 20 May 2009, 09:55 AM
How stable, scalable and reliable is iFidelity?

This might seem a difficult question, since iFidelity is only "about to be released".  At best, it has some enthusiastic and satisfied beta testers.   It has no reference customers, no customer base and no track record.  Or at least it doesn't in its current form.  A related question which sheds some light is, why is the first version of iFidelity Version 3.0?  The answer is that iFidelity is really the marriage of two existing products with strong track records, CoexLinks and CoexEdit, which are at Version 2.8 and 2.2 respectively.  Hence, the product which is built on these two bases has been started at 3.0.

CoexLinks is primarily used by companies who have IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange infrastructures that must coexist.  It has been licensed and rolled out to many of the biggest companies in the world since 2003, and is widely acknowledged to be an exceedingly stable, scalable and reliable product.  For example, on's software migration page, CoexLinks is the top rated product with a score of 4.17 out of 5.  Of course, If you have ever received mail from electronics giant Philips, from USAir, from RSM McGladrey (aka HR Bloch), from GE or many other well known companies, you may have already experienced the stability, scalability and reliability of CoexLinks without knowing it.

Highest rating for CoexLinks

CoexEdit is primarily used product for Notes/web editing coexistence, and it has also been implemented since 2005, and has won a number of awards from IBM and others for its ability to seamlessly convert rich text to HTML and back to rich text.  If you have ever posted an idea on IdeaJam or a comment in the Lotusphere Sessions database, or filled out a form on the webpage of Cici's Pizza or Collier's International or many other well known companies, you may have already experienced the stability, scalability and reliability of Coexedit without knowing it.

Lotus Advisor Editors Choice 2006

2006 Lotus Award - Finalist Best Tool/Utility

Does the marriage of two stable, well recognized products ensure the stability, scalability and reliability of iFidelity?  That is a decision you will have to make for yourself.  At least it ensures that the vendor behind the two products knows how to build these features into a product, and has the track record to ensure that if there are any early glitches, they will be fixed promptly and efficiently.  If that isn't enough for you, you may have to wait a bit as others jump on the bandwagon before you (hopefully not your competitors getting a jump on your business).

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