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Mon 25 May 2009, 09:42 PM
On Friday, I was mystified to find that the test Domino 8.5 server on my laptop was ging an error when trying to load HTTP.  The error was:

HTTP Server: Error - Unable to Bind port 80, port may be in use or user needs net_privaddr privilege

and it seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  Fortunately, I got a clue when I googled and saw this post, reporting the same problem.  I don't have Skype on this machine, but when I checked, AVG had been updated to 8.5.  It took a bit of poking around, but I found the setting I need to change to eliminate the problem with AVG 8.5.  In the hope that this will save somebody else from pulling their hair out (like we need more balding Notes gurus!), here is the key to fixing the problem:

In AVG 8,5, under Tools - Advanced Settings, expand the Web Shield section, click on Web Protection, and remove 80 from the list of Ports to be scanned.

Advanced AVG settings

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