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Wed 5 Jan 2011, 09:12 PM
It was pure coincidence that I mentioned the fatal words, "App Store" (link), just an hour after the esteemed Mr. Mooney asked what would make people support one.  If I had noticed his post, as opposed to doing the legwork to set up mine, I might have held off.  In any case, I am talking about the look and feel of the interface, not an actual store or catalog or anything.  Yes, I am collecting products,  books. webcasts, courses and such, but for a very specified and curtailed purpose in supporting the Lotusphere 2011 experience for the sake of the Lotus community.  I am selling nothing, and many of the things I am listing are free, while others are merely links to the products on Amazon, Packt Publishing's website, or other websites.

Anyway, I just wanted to be clear that the look and feel is not the thing.  A Notes App Store is one can of worms I don't need right now.

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Wed 5 Jan 2011, 06:46 PM
Since I am turning the Lotusphere 2011 Sessions DB into more of an information gathering spot, I thought I'd add webcasts and podcasts and such.  But adding those along with books and courses means that it is hard to find and identify useful resources.  I decided to use a look that is a bit more familiar, the App Store.  Not any specific App Store, just a mixed grouping sort of display that looks nice in the Notes client and on the web.  So I am adding an interface that will allow a mix of the various resources.  Each session will be tagged, and the search results for the tags will be displayed something like this.  The title will be a hotspot to the relevant book or course or podcast.  I may add a "Free" tag to those that do not charge, but I'll steer away from specific prices.  I'm not selling any of it anyway, just showing you what is available:

Sneak peak at Virtual Bookstore

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