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Lotusphere Sessions database powered by CoexEdit
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Orlando, FL, 01/21/2008 -- Genii Software Powers Lotusphere 2008 Sessions Database with CoexEdit 2.0

Genii Software has released their 8th annual Lotusphere sessions database with a new twist appropriate for Lotusphere, collaborative authorship powered by the company's soon to be released CoexEdit 2.0.

CoexEdit is a powerful, yet simple to implement, addition to the IBM Lotus Domino server. It allows editing in a powerful open source editor on the web to be compatible with editing in the IBM Lotus Notes editor, with almost no loss of fidelity. This power has been harnessed in the Sessions database, an extremely popular application over the past several years that allows scheduling, planning and community building around the Lotusphere conference. Users are able to create questions and comments on specific sessions, and speakers can respond and follow up, before, during and after the conference.

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Genii Software provides enterprise-class coexistence solutions and rich text tools for organizations working with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. Over the past decade, Genii Software has built a reputation for software quality and support all over the world. This reputation is reflected in an impressive customer list that includes corporations, governments and educational institutions in forty-six countries. From the Fortune 100 to SMB, customers use Genii Software's solutions to empower their businesses and coexist with other technologies in a wide range of industries, including banking, engineering, high technology, financial services, publishing, national defense and pharmaceuticals. For more information, call +1 216-991-5220 or visit