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All Lotusphere session slides and samples

Tue 10 Feb 2004, 10:19 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Updated: Feb. 16, 2:58pm

Update Feb. 16: Lotus has announced that they will have many of the Lotusphere session PDFs available at, so when I get this database up, I will only include links to sessions which are included there, as well as some other sessions and links to updated sessions.  See below for the current list of updated presentations.

OK, it is a very ambitious title, but I am collecting any of the Lotusphere session slides and samples links I can.  For those who used or know about the Lotusphere 2004 Sessions DB, I know of a friend with all the slides who is putting them together with that database.  He said he would post it on his website, and as soon as he does (tomorrow, I hope), I'll let you know here.  There are a number of the IBM presentations in the Sandbox. In addition, a number of Business Partners and others have updated versions and some examples on their own sites.  Here is a short list (please respond with any additional which you know about):

BP102 - Advanced Lotus Notes/Web Coexistence Ben Langhinrichs (Genii Software)

BP103 - Advanced UI Dev Techniques for Notes Client Apps Jamie Magee (MartinScott Consulting)

BP104 - Best Practices for Managing, Monitoring and Balancing your Servers Gabriella Davis (Turtle Partnership)

BP106 - Best Practices RIP and NSD Analysis - Daniel Nashed (Nash!Com), Peter Birett (IBM)

BP107 - Best Practices with the Lotus Notes/Domino Administration Client - Andrew Pollack (Northern Collaborative Technologies)

BP110 -Cascading Style in Domino Applications Henry Newberry (Newbs Consulting)

BP109 - Building and Scaling a Lotus Workplace Messaging Infrastructure [soon] Chris Miller (Connectria) 

BP111 - Controlling Spam Mail in Your Organization Rich Schwartz (RHS Consulting Inc.), Dieter Stalder (STDI Consulting Inc.) 

BP114 - Extreme LotusScript Rocky Oliver (Sapphire Oak Technologies)

BP117 - Java for Lotus Domino Developers Tom Duff (Marquam Group), Joe Litton (The Regence Group)

CS105 - Agile Response to Manufacturing Needs - Notes/Domino to the Rescue: Mercedes-Benz US International Ron Luster, Jr (Mecesdes-Benz), Allison Janicki (Sapphire Oak Technologies),  Rocky Oliver (Sapphire Oak Technologies)

HND102 - Developing Servlets to Execute on the Lotus Domino Server Paul Calhoun (NetNotes Solutions Unlimited)

ID303 - Advanced LDAP Infrastructure Design [soon] Chris Miller (Connectria) 

JMP101 - Getting Started with Java for IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Websphere  Paul Calhoun (NetNotes Solutions Unlimited)

JMP107 - XML, Web Services and Domino 6 Bob Balaban (Looseleaf Software)

Copyright 2004 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

113.1. Volker Weber
(02/10/2004 11:48 AM)

Ben, we have a database with all session titles and slides already. We were just reluctant to publish it since we did not know how IBM would react.

113.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(02/10/2004 11:59 AM)

Hmm. I understand the hesitation, but a zip file of all presentations has been offerred fairly publicly in the BP Forum with no complaints, so I am guessing IBM won't object much. I'll check to be sure and let you know.

113.3. Christopher Byrne
(02/12/2004 07:20 AM)

What would have been ideal for IBM to have done would be to publish the CDs "On-Demand" at Lotusphere (like Advisor does for their conferences).

Of course, that would have given people less incentive to visit the Workplace based Websphere site while there ( do not think many people used the Messaging portion).

If that were a driving concern, they could have given the CD out as the reward for filling out the survey instead of a t-shirt that does not fit anyway.:-)

I am curious if IBM would have an objection because individual presenters are posting on their web sites anyways.

One last thought (I hate to ramble on), but as a Business Partner, I would rather have the presentations in native format and not PDF because there is great information there that can be reused and customized for customer presentations!