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Hello, I am Lotus Notes. And I am Microsoft Exchange...

Tue 9 May 2006, 11:24 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Bruce Elgort has come up with the idea of a series of videos similar to Apple's "Hi, I'm a Mac.  And I'm a PC" commercials (which are very engaging and clever), but he needs ideas for scenarios.  So, pop on over to the discussion and make your suggestions.

We may have to work a bit on the actors though...

Turtle vs. Gary

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What has been said:

456.1. Alan Lepofsky
(05/10/2006 11:31 AM)

Provided Gary has not changed his tune, he is still a Domino guy, just one that happens to work for MS. His mission is to help Notes and .Net customers get along, not to switch them to Exchange. (that is his boss's plan)

456.2. Tim Latta
(05/10/2006 02:03 PM)

That is not "Notes". That is "Turtle".