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YellowSpace - the Lotusphere "unconference"

Mon 8 Jan 2007, 03:09 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It is exciting to see IBM experimenting with new ways of providing material, and gathering input and feedback from us.  I noticed today that there is announcement about YellowSpace 2007, which includes the speedgeeking I mentioned Saturday, but also something called "Boomerang sessions", which they describe as "Rapid Feedback" sessions.  Check out the page, and let people know about these, as they sound new and different, and there is a tendency for people to say "I've been going to Lotusphere for umpteen years... I already know what I am going to do".  Like JAMFest and GURUpalooza last year, both of which will be repeated again this year, new things are being introduced, so don't miss them.

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What has been said:

540.1. Rob McDonagh
(01/08/2007 01:07 PM)

That *is* interesting. Too bad they scheduled the SpeedGeek and Boomerang sessions simultaneously, so we'll only get to see one of them.

Wait: There is a second Boomerang batch the next morning, though, so it isn't as bad as I originally thought.