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Highlighting text destined for the web

Mon 16 Jul 2007, 03:01 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Alan Lepofsky has one of his very useful reminder posts, this one about Highlighters, a handy but underutilized feature in the Notes client.  At the end of the post, he points out a couple of caveats:
Before you ask...
1.) No, highlighting does not work on documents sent to the internet.
2.) No, there is no toolbar icon for them.  (I've only been asking for this for about 5 years!)
I can't do much for you about the toolbar icon, but I thought I should point out that if you use our Midas Rich Text LSX or Midas Rich Text C++ API, this highlighting can be preserved for the text.  Let me repeat and emphasize that: this highlighting can be preserved for the text.  Just thought you should know.

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