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Google placement of our serial stories

Wed 9 Apr 2008, 02:01 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I did a Google search on the two terms "Albino Butterfly" and "Web of Deception" (in quotes) because I was curious whether our two serial stories had gained any visibility.  The first, "Albino Butterfly" is an unusual enough sequence that there are only 688 hits total, but four of the top ten hits relate to our serial story.  Stretching a bit further, five of the first fifteen do as well.

Due to a 2002 book and a 1994 movie both entitled "Web of Deception", as well as the many obvious uses in articles about the World Wide Web, the second title has considerably more hits, 75600 in total.  The first ten do not include any hits related to our story, but two of the top fifteen do (#11 and #15).  Still pretty high visibility, I'd say.

I did one additional search on boiler burst (without quotes), just out of curiosity.  Not surprisingly, there were 233000 hits, reflecting the inherent danger of boilers, I guess, but right there, in position #5 is a link to Julian's site which is hosting our stories:

"And then the boiler burst" search result

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What has been said:

691.1. Bill Bucan
(09/04/2008 10:28)

Mmm. I'm sure we could all add right-hand images links to Julians RSS feed, and drive this up a little?

---* Bill

691.2. Duffbert
(04/09/2008 10:35 AM)

So you're saying this whole thing will come back to haunt us frequently?

691.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(04/09/2008 10:41 AM)

It will only "haunt" you if you are ashamed of it. Given tht you are Technorati's #1 reviewer and in the top 70 reviewers on, your other accomplishments will probably manage to overcome this small notoriety, although I guess it depends on the quality of your chapter, doesn't it?

691.4. Rob McDonagh
(04/09/2008 10:47 AM)

That's funny, we get slightly different results. On my search for "Web of Deception," your original post on May 14th is number 7. Wild Bill's chapter is 11, the "andtheboilerburst" website is 19, and jonvon's chapter is 20. I'm 41 (*sniff* - I'm so much less important than you guys :P).

691.5. Rob McDonagh
(04/09/2008 10:48 AM)

Ah, wait, my results are Personalized, never mind...