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Missing GONADs?

Wed 14 Jan 2009, 08:46 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
It is a sad and pathetic story, really, one which is barely fit for a family-oriented blog, much less a corporate one.  There are a bunch of unfortunate folks who would like to be at Lotusphere 2009, but they just can't.  They really, really can't.  Steve McDonagh started the whole sad litany, but has been joined by the likes of Vaughan Rivett and Ben Poole and others.  So, in a fit of sympathy, I offered to throw them a bone, as it were, and list them in the Lotusphere Sessions db as Non-Attenders, but the name just didn't quite fit the truly pathetic nature of the group.  Then I happened to notice Steve's side bar:

Geeky Order of Notes Admins and Developers

... and it struck me what to call them.  I plan to add Steve and others to the sessions db tonight as "Missing GONADs".  It just seems right.  Of course, if you would like to be in Steve's auspicious company, please respond here and let me know that you would also like to be listed under "Missing GONADs" in the Sessions db, proudly and for all to see.

Still, there is one question that remains unanswered: Why aren't they going to be at Lotusphere?  Do they not have the time?  Do they not have the money?  Or, perchance, do they just not have the balls?

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What has been said:

761.1. Ulrich Krause
(14.01.2009 21:46)

I'm a missing GONAD, too.

761.2. Fred Janssen
(01/14/2009 10:31 PM)

LOL, put me up there too...

761.3. Philip Storry
(15/01/2009 00:12)

I'm a missing GONAD too.

As to why I'm not there - the company is sending other people. :-(

761.4. Philip Storry
(15/01/2009 01:15)

Oh, actually, an update - the company's not sending anybody. :-(

The phrase "in the current economic climate" is being used a lot around here...

761.5. SvenM
(15-01-2009 02:03)

Yep, I'm a missing GONAD too.

Why? The company isn't sending anybody this year (third year in a row in fact)

761.6. Vaughan Rivett
(01/15/2009 04:37 AM)

This is funny. If I could be there I would, I would really love to go.

I am happy to assume a label. I will wear it with pride.

Is there a link to the directory which you mention?

761.7. Stephanie Boissonnas
(01/15/2009 06:16 AM)

This is cute. I'm a GONAD! I have plenty of time, but neither of the other two. (Heh.) At this point, I'm just happy to have a job.

761.8. Scott Marchione
(01/15/2009 07:08 AM)

I am another in a long line of missing GONAD's, which shouldn't surprise me... as no matter where I work, I'm always told that I can't go cause it's long and expensive... sigh

761.9. Mike McGarel
(01/15/2009 08:04 AM)

All this attention to GONADs is driving me nuts. :-)

761.10. Tim Lorge
(01/15/2009 08:30 AM)

Sadly, I too won't be joining the fun. Someone got their knickers in a twist and my GONADS were stuck in there!

761.11. Colin Williams
(15/01/2009 12:02 p.m.)

Never been..and realistically never will unless I win the lotto or something :) New Zealand is a heck of a long way away and sadly the company can see no benefit from sending me there. Even a 2006 offer to personally pay the airfares/hotel if the company paid the conference fee came back with a no. I haz a sad :(

761.12. Rodney Scott
(01/15/2009 03:41 PM)

I am not certain what possesses you "GONADs present" types to call attention to those missing GONADs. Lets just worry about ourselves and how lucky we are, shall we?

761.13. Cristian D'Aloisio -
(01/15/2009 03:51 PM)

I'm a missing GONAD, too.


761.14. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/15/2009 07:25 PM)

We are up to thirty Missing GONADs. I'm not sure what that says, but it does make one worry for the future of the species.

761.15. Lars Berntrop-Bos
(01/16/2009 12:52 AM)

I'm a missing GONAD! I loved the Lotuspheres I've had the privilege to attend.

761.16. Chris Coates
(01/16/2009 03:55 AM)

I'm a missing GONAD too - Please add me

- Coatsie

761.17. WannaBeThere
(01/18/2009 09:11 AM)

Wish I could be there...but since getting outsourced to Big Blue in 2005, I haven't been allowed to attend.....really sad, because now I live somewhat near Orlando. I attended 8 years in a row - including once at my own I really really want to be there. Also, due to Friday's announcement about the new building in that 4 letter state....I will be looking for work, sometime this year. Anyone in FL need a Domino Admin ?

761.18. Marzel Laning
(01/18/2009 12:08 PM)

I would have gone, but I am expecting Marzel 2.0 ;-) 41 weeks is too long to be waiting though.

761.19. Simon Scullion
(20/01/2009 04:24)

I'm afraid I am yet another.... :-(

761.20. George Paglia
(01/21/2009 08:24 AM)

From your comment above: "Still, there is one question that remains unanswered: Why aren't they going to be at Lotusphere? Do they not have the time? Do they not have the money? Or, perchance, do they just not have the balls? "

Time, no problem.

Balls, plenty.

Money, for me, that's the issue. Lots of layoffs, budgets cut to shreds. , I've been to the past 4 and I just WISH I could have gone this year. In fact money has been so bad, the only way that my company allowed me to go last year was that I got a free pass.

The economy is in the toilet and though we need to keep up technically, we have to choose what we can and can't spend. Many of us are developers and admins in companies (read that as IBM CUSTOMERS) so our main business is not creating Notes apps, it's using them. We have the seats, we have the users, we buy the products, but we are in deep. So, for the record, we WANT to come, we just can't afford it.

I'm hoping that Lotus will see fit to share a lot more of the information at LS09 during their Lotusphere comes to you events. I also hope there will be a "cheaper" way to attend Lotusphere in the future. With all of this technology, I'd probably be able to attend it as a webinar as long as I could get materials.

For now, the few, the proud, the Missing Gonads....