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Nobody should ever mistake me for an athlete

Thu 9 Jul 2009, 10:18 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I don't come from an athletic family.  We are all fairly big and strong, but coordinated is usually not a word applied to anyone even distantly related to me.  Nonetheless, I was invited to play tennis by a friend, and we wound up playing two against one (we used to call that Canadian Doubles, but they didn't know the term).  Fortunately, they weren't terribly better than I was.  Unfortunately, within the first few minutes, I managed a diving... something (I can't come up with a complimentary term, but "fall" might not be far off).  Bleeding face, bleeding knee, abraded shoulder - I'm a sight, to be sure.  On the other hand, at least I know that I have passed on my sense of coordination.  When my wife related my injuries to my daughter on the phone, she didn't express surprise.  Instead, she said, "Oh, I hate it when that happens."

Perhaps we should stick to Scrabble.  We are all really pretty good at Scrabble, and seldom have serious Scrabble injuries.

Update: Responding to concern from a reader, I am not talking about fitness, as I walk three to four miles at a time, four to five times a week.  It is the coordination I lack.

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What has been said:

837.1. Kevin Pettitt
(07/10/2009 02:21 PM)

Just remember to tie your shoelaces ;-)

837.2. Rodney Scott
(07/10/2009 11:58 PM)

Don't let Michael Jackson fool you. I've often found the least coordinated people make the most entertaining dancers.