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LS sessions db updated plus Blackberry and iPhone apps

Tue 4 Jan 2011, 03:02 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs

I have just posted the updated Lotusphere 2011 Sessions database which has more sessions (268 including repeats), more books for Lotus professionals (36), more courses (22), more people who are Twitter-identified (256, including 91 speakers and 15 authors) and more features (Tweet this for sessions, sort by books ordered, etc).

But the news that will probably please the most people is that Tim Davis has posted instructions for downloading the Blackberry and iPhone app versions of the database, and has promised an iPad-specific version as soon as Apple approves it.  Go to the Lotusphere 2011 Sessions database page for instructions and a most-recent version of the Notes database.

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What has been said:

949.1. George Paglia
(01/04/2011 08:21 PM)

Ben, looks great!! Why is there something on 3/2/2011? Did you mean 2/3/2011?

949.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(01/04/2011 08:24 PM)

@George - a late mistake, but if you replicate now, you will see it is fixed. We have people in both the US and UK updating, and occasional slip-ups happen in the dates. Thanks for reporting it.

949.3. Roy Rumaner
(01/04/2011 11:44 PM)

One more fix Ben. Take a look at the key to Icon popup and you will see what needs to be changed.