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Capsule views key to a social business

Wed 26 Jun 2013, 09:32 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
In my video yesterday, I showed what I call "capsule views", but I didn't really explain what they were or how they fit in a social business.

Capsule Viewa single file collection containing both a set of documents from one or more databases, and the navigation between them.

In a social world, you can't assume that everybody has exactly the same software that you use in your business, whether that is IBM Notes/Domino or IBM Connections or something else. In order to connect and work together, a variety of formats and specifications have been designed to exchange data in well defined, usable, secure ways. In Midas V5, we use some of these formats to allow you to exchange data easily with customers, partners, salespeople and more. Here are some of the formats and possible uses:

EPUB files (.epub): ePublishing a set of documents based on a query or selection allows customers or your people in the field to work with a set of documents on a tablet or phone. All iPads/iPhones read .epub files directly, and most ereaders and Android devices do as well.  For example, a real state agent could use use a database such as Curb Appeal to show potential buyers home listings based on price and location, then send them an EPUB file with their top picks to take with them.

Web Archive (.mht): A MIME-based file format created for Internet Explorer, the Web Archive files can now be read in Firefox, Chrome and elsewhere with a simple plugin. Send a partner a capsule view of four or five business proposals along with related documentation from another database, all in one easy-to-navigate file they can read in their browser without without connectivity or access to your servers.

HTML view (.htm): Give your salespeople the power to download an HTML/XHTML file with data from one or more databases collated into a view, with additional information expandable under each entry. This can offer a spreadsheet-like collection of data for their immediate use, and it can be customized to the access rights and needs of each salesperson, without the weight of navigating a database and with the ease of printing out a result sheet to hand to a prospective customer.

These and other formats empower your company to share snapshots of data via mail, web pages and social media, all in encapsulated navigable form that is readable without special software or devices. Whether you are using a highly customized XPage application from a mobile device in Social Edition or a bog standard Domino web app from a PC browser in 8.5.3 or a classic Notes application from the Notes client in Notes 7, you can use the Midas Rich Text LSX V5 to maximize your social business.

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