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Improving XPages rendering in five lines

Wed 13 Apr 2016, 11:11 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
A customer wanted to know what it would take to enhance an XPages template with AppsFidelity so that the rich text content looked better on the web but also in Notes. They have lots of apps built on this same template. (I have changed one small point about the request to make it more generic.)

The answer in this case was, it would take five lines. Not code, but lines in the NOTES.INI on the servers where the apps lived.

1) A line to load AppsFidelity into a 32 bit Domino system (the appropriate software DLLs and license file are assumed to have been put in the Domino executable directory first)


2) A line to turn on AppsFidelity's XPage processing. Classic processing would take another line.


3) A line to allow all dbs with the "MegaMarketing43" template to use AppsFidelity (a single db could be specified as <dbname> or by replica as [repid])


4) A line to turn on processing when the "Research Policies" form is used

AppsFidelityXPage1Form1=Research Policies

5) A line to turn on processing specifically for the "Description" and "Justification" fields from the "Research Policies" form


and that's it. Basically, you need one line per template, db or replica, and then two lines per form, though if the only rich text field on the form is "Body", you can skip the Fields line for that form. Of course, this not only allows rendering for viewing, but also editing on either the Notes client or web client.

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