Midas Rich Text LSX Enhances pcP Textmanagement product
pcP Information und Kommunikation GmbH is a German consultant and IBM Business Partner mainly advising German savings banks and co-op banking institutions. For this business unit, we developed a product called pcP Textmanagement, based on Lotus Notes/Domino. With this product, our customers can handle both standardised and individualized commercial correspondence. We use the Midas Rich Text LSX, because the coding in Richtext in Lotus Script is limited. By using Midas we are able to replace variables in documents without losing styles or attributes and we can use all typefaces. Furthermore, we use Midas for the advanced handling of headers and footers, not possible using Lotus Script. We can do all formattings which are necassary e.g. for the preparation of a letter without the need of the developer's authorization. Altogether Midas enhances our product pcP Textmanagament in Richtext very much and gives us opportunities we would have under Lotus Notes only by using professional word-processors like WordPro or Word.
- Sascha Proske, pcP Information und Kommunikation GmbH