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Wed 4 Oct 2006, 03:59 PM
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Yesterday, I posted a comparison of support for rich text tables in the Midas Rich Text 3.61 and Notes 7.x.  After thinking about it, I wondered if the following format would be preferable.  This is just a partial table, but I will update with a complete table if people like the format.  The two changes are that the color now indicates the support or lack thereof, and I indicate the methods or properties or technotes which support such a feature in Midas.  What do you think?
Tables - FeatureSupport in Midas Rich Text 3.61Support in Notes 7.x rich text classes
Create new regular tableSupported (AppendTable)Supported
Create nested tableSupported (AppendTable)Supported
Access regular tableSupported (DefineChunk)Supported
Access nested table Supported (DefineChunk)Not supported
Create tabbed tableSupported (AppendTableWorking with table properties)Supported
Modify tabs after creatingSupported (RowLabel)Not supported
Set tab font and appearanceSupported (AppendTableAppendRow,ChangeTableSetTargetProperties)Not supported
Create programmable tableSupported (AppendTableWorking with table properties)Not supported
Create animated table with various settingsSupported (AppendTableWorking with table properties)Not supported
Modify type of table (tabbed, programmable, animated) on existing tableSupported (ChangeTableSetTargetProperties)Not supported
Set cell border style and colorSupported (AppendTableAppendRowSetCellBordersWorking with table properties)Not supported
Set drop shadow valueSupported (AppendTableChangeTableSetTargetProperties,  Working with table properties)Not supported
Set row and column spacingSupported (AppendTableChangeTableSetTargetProperties,  Working with table properties)Not supported
Set table left and right margins (whole table, not cells)Supported (AppendTableChangeTableSetTargetProperties,  Working with table properties)Not supported
Set cell width on creationSupported (AppendTableAppendRow)Supported
Table to be continued if people like this approach

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