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Tue 27 Jan 2015, 12:42 PM
One of the many entertaining (though stressful) activities at Lotusphere (now ConnectED) over the past few years has been SpeedGeeking. It is fun to watch people cram so much content and fun into a five minute session. But since I couldn't make it to ConnectED this year, I thought I'd do a second spur-of-the-moment sneak preview of AppsFidelity. Since 5 minutes is a long time on the web, even if it is a short time at a conference, I decided to do a one minute SpeedGeeking sort of preview of ePublishing using AppsFidelity.
Just so you know, there is much more to AppsFidelity than rendering magic attachments, but it is a fun place to start. More features will be available for preview as we get closer to release.
Best viewed in HD. Closed captions are provided for following in English or improved auto-translation.
If you have questions about AppsFidelity, don't hesitate to contact us for more information at

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Thu 22 Jan 2015, 07:51 AM
Many in our community are headed to Florida for ConnectED (the conference formerly known as Lotusphere). Many, unfortunately including me, are not. But happily, there is still a Lotusphere Sessions database (and even more happily, I didn't have to make it). In deference to the shifting conference name, it is called ConnectOsphere 15. (Session db available -> here <-.)
But this sneak preview has almost, but not completely, nothing to do with ConnectED. It just so happens that the ConnectOsphere sessions database provides a perfect opportunity to show a sneak preview of AppsFidelity, a product now in development which will be released this quarter. The new product does a few different things, this sneak peek just showing one. But the main goal of all of them is the magic that you don't need to modify your applications, don't need to add scripts or agents or so forth, in order to get high fidelity rendering in HTML, MHT, EPUB and more. You just wave a magic wand, and the rendering is there.
As they say in your wake up call when you stay at the Dolphin or Swan hotels, have a magical day!
Apps Fidelity - Sneak Preview (watching in HD recommended - accurate closed captions in English are provided)

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Mon 12 Jan 2015, 10:28 AM
Granted, I know that IBM Verse is only in beta, but Mitch helped me test to see if the graceful degradation that is needed for both GMail and Outlook is also necessary for IBM Verse. Note that the bullets in both Notes and Verse show up with the embedded graphics, unlike Outlook and GMail. (Note: To be fair, Outlook and GMail do slightly better with the padding of the margins.)
From Verse beta (courtesy of Mitch Cohen)

From Notes 9.0.1 client (rendering the MIME, not showing the rich text)

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Fri 9 Jan 2015, 11:22 AM
I was creating a slide show about CoexLinks Fidelity, and thought about using a Venn Diagram to show the expanding opportunity, but thought this might speak to people better.

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Thu 8 Jan 2015, 10:34 AM
No, I'm not talking about getting older, though my knees are certainly experiencing (graceful?) degradation and my glasses provide progressive enhancement. Instead, I am talking about two ways of viewing the design of complex web content so that the experience is as good as the device or browser or client allows, but does not break if the device or browser or client doesn't support some feature.
Since our area of expertise is rendering email from Notes to... anywhere, we face this issue from both directions. GMail and Outlook in Office 365 are both known for non-support of some HTML/CSS features (it isn't only Notes that gets grumbled about, and in fact Notes is better than either when simply reading MIME emails). On the other side, Apple's devices including the iPhone and iPad support HTML5 and CSS3, though I'll save that for another demo. Thus, when we generate high quality MIME in CoexLinks Fidelity, we must be mindful of how to degrade gracefully and allow progressive enhancement so that everybody gets the optimal experience.
I decided to focus on two of the images I showed in my last post, as they demonstrate this difference clearly but it might be missed if you didn't pay close attention.. In the Notes client, these display with a small box either empty (unchecked) or filled in (checked). Standard Domino mail doesn't offer a way to distinguish these, so the meaning is lost. Gmail and Office 365 don't allow for specialized list images, though most browsers do (including Firefox and the browser on the Android phone I use). But we still must distinguish between checked and unchecked, so we use the standard circle and bullet to represent unchecked and checked, but when the browser supports it, we replace this with images that look like Notes.
Look at just the right hand side of each image, at how the unchecked and checked item are represented. That is the sort of graceful degradation/progressive enhancement built in to CoexLinks Fidelity. We generate the same MIME for both, but take into account the impact of different rendering in Outlook, GMail, etc.
(Of course, you could easily try for yourself. Request an evaluation license today.)
Graceful degradation? (Outlook in Office 365 has limitations on what it can display)

Progressive enhancement? (Browser/mobile based email allow finer control)

Notes client 

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Mon 5 Jan 2015, 12:39 PM
CoexLinks Fidelity 3.70 available with support for mobile devices, iNotes and outbound rendering. Try an evaluation license today. What do you have to lose? What are you losing now?
A business scenario to imagine
Imagine you have sent an email to an employee, Ramona, with a few remaining action items for her to finish. You don't worry about how it will show up, because you are both in the same Notes network, with the same Domino mail server, even. What could go wrong? (See very last image if you want to see exactly what you sent.)
What could go wrong #1
If Ramona reads your email on her smart phone using Notes Traveler 9.0.1 (the latest and greatest), she might see what is on the left (if you have standard Notes Traveler) or what is on the right (if you have CoexLinks Fidelity on your Domino server):

What could go wrong #2
If Ramona reads your email from a browser using iNotes to access her mail, she might see what is on the left (if you have standard iNotes) or what is on the right (if you have CoexLinks Fidelity on your Domino server):

What could go wrong #3
If Ramona happens to be on the new pilot project Office 365, she might see what is on the left (if you have standard Domino) or what is on the right (if you have CoexLinks Fidelity on your Domino server):

What could go right #1
Of course, you might get lucky and Ramona might read the email from her Notes client. In that case, CoexLinks Fidelity won't be necessary (though it won't hurt either).

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