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Genii Software extends support coverage
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, Ohio, 11/07/2006 -- Genii Software announced today that it is expanding its highly successful support arrangement with The Turtle Partnership to provide a deeper resource for all customers and easier access for its numerous customers in Europe and Asia. Along with providing primary support for CoexLinks, Genii Software's e-mail coexistence solution, The Turtle Partnership will also provide primary support for CoexEdit, a coexistence solution for Notes and web editing, and the Midas Rich Text family of products. Genii Software will continue to be in charge of marketing and sales, as well as secondary support and research and development.

E-mail support will be provided twenty four hours a day, and is recommended, as it allows both support groups to access the information provided and respond in a timely manner. E-mail should be directed to the support address for each product group:

E-mail support for CoexEdit:
E-mail support for CoexLinks:
E-mail support for Midas Rich Text LSX and Midas Rich Text C++ API:

Phone support will be available from 8am to 6pm GMT, or in the United States from 8am to 3pm EDT. The numbers to use are:

From the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America: +1 (216) 920-4378
From Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia: +44 (0) 208 099 8324

In an emergency, or after hours, customers may still contact Genii Software at its sales number at +1 (216) 991-5220.