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Idea Jam with CoexEdit launches with a bang
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
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VANCOUVER, Washington, 11/27/2007 -- Elguji Software Announces Launch of “Idea Jam” for the IBM Lotus Software Community

Elguji Software, LLC (pronounced "el-GOO-jee") has launched their new social networking site called, “Idea Jam” (

Idea Jam is a place where people can post and share their ideas, and gauge the marketability, popularity and viability with input from others. When an idea gets posted, others can help promote or demote the idea and provide comments. Popular ideas will bubble to the top. Unlike blogs and discussion forums, Idea Jam provides a single place to measure the value of an idea.

Ideas are grouped into “Idea Spaces” – which currently include IBM’s Lotus Connections, Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Quickr, Lotus Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Lotusphere, Lotus Web Content Manager and WebSphere Portal. Additional Idea Spaces for OpenNTF and Idea Jam itself are also available. In the future additional “jam sessions” with related idea spaces will be created for other topics of interest.

“Beta testers have entered over 450 ideas, cast 8,000+ votes and made 1,400+ comments during the two month beta testing period. The development team used the ideas entered by beta testers to improve Idea Jam’s features and functionality. We used the system to build the system,” says Bruce Elgort, President of Elguji Software.

Idea Jam includes many features that make the site easy and fun to use:
  • Tags – All ideas are “tagged” with at least one or more tags. Users can then use tag clouds to see which tags are popular.
  • RSS – Idea Jam makes extensive use of RSS feeds including feeds for idea spaces, a specific idea, a user or for any given tag.
  • User Profiles – Users can view their own ideas, their comments, and the ideas they voted on.
  • Views – Ideas can be viewed by popularity, most recent, most comments, recent comments and more. Each view also has an associated RSS feed.
  • Unvoted – Users can easily review ideas that they have not voted on in each Idea Space.
  • Random – Users can be presented with a random idea for their collaboration and input.
  • What’s Hot - See which ideas were most active today, over the last seven days and over the last twenty eight days.
Elguji Ideas and the Idea Jam were developed by Elguji Software in conjunction with Matt White of Fynn Consulting Ltd, London, and Sean Burgess of ASND LLC in Laurel, Maryland. Elguji Ideas and Idea Jam software were built with IBM Lotus Domino Designer, The MooTools Javascript framework, the Yahoo User Interface Libraries, Genii Software’s CoexEdit and runs on IBM Lotus Domino 8.0. The PSC Group is hosting the Idea Jam site.

The Elguji Ideas software will be made available for purchase during the first quarter of 2008. Inquires should be made to

About Elguji Software
Elguji software is an IBM Business Partner located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Elguji specializes in custom application development and system administration for IBM Lotus technologies including Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Sametime. Bruce Elgort, the president of Elguji is the co-founder of OpenNTF and also host of the popular Taking Notes podcast. Visit for more information.

About Fynn Consulting
Fynn Consulting Ltd is a UK based software development and consulting company that specializes in the development of extremely secure web based applications with over a decade of experience of the insurance and banking industries. The company is primarily an IBM Lotus Notes and Domino business partner but we have extensive experience in many technologies including Java, J2EE and other web development techniques including AJAX frameworks such as Prototype/Scriptaculous, MooTools and Dojo.

About ASND
ASND is an independent consulting firm specializing in delivering collaborative solutions built upon the IBM/Lotus Notes/Domino platform. Sean Burgess is President of this women-owned SMB located in Laurel, MD and writes regularly on his blog at ASND has released a number of open source applications on OpenNTF, including the popular ASND Export Facility, and plans to release more in the future. Visit for more information.

About Genii Software
Genii Software provides enterprise-class coexistence solutions and rich text tools for organizations working with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. Over the past decade, Genii Software has built a reputation for software quality and support all over the world. This reputation is reflected in an impressive customer list that includes corporations, governments and educational institutions in forty-six countries. From the Fortune 100 to SMB, customers use Genii Software's solutions to empower their businesses and coexist with other technologies in a wide range of industries, including banking, engineering, high technology, financial services, publishing, national defense and pharmaceuticals. For more information, call +1 216-991-5220 or visit

About The PSC Group
PSC Group, LLC., headquartered in Schaumburg, Ill., is an information-technology and professional services consulting firm that specializes in providing its clients with innovative ways to maximize profitability, improve internal processes, and enhance their customer's overall experience . Since its founding in 1990, PSC has helped enterprises in the Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Financial Services sectors that view IT as a strategic resource. PSC professionals provide their clients with access to current product information, technical support, advanced training programs, and future trends. PSC is a partner with many of the IT industry's leading firms and software providers. For more information, visit

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For more information about Idea Jam contact Gayle Ujifusa 360.883.3438