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Midas Rich Text LSX Version 3.10 with SmartRefs released
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, Ohio, 05/23/2003 -- Genii Software announced today immediate availability for Version 3.10 of the Midas Rich Text LSX, and the introduction of SmartRefs functionality in the Midas product line. SmartRefs provides "contextual hypermatching", which is a major extension of the cross-referencing link creation included in earlier versions of Midas. With this new technology, developers point at any database, any view, and the documents in that view become contextual matches for occurrences in the current rich text. For example, if a product database and view were used, any product names in that database would be recognized in the rich text and could be acted on, replaced, linked to, highlighted, and so on.

Business uses for the technology include:

  • document assembly using templates and keywords allowing with rich text values
  • automatic addition of registration and copyright marks to software with trademarks
  • automatic categorization of a document based on key phrases
  • identification of "content experts" related to the content for use with SameTime
  • high powered search functionality based on a list of potential terms rather than a fixed list

Besides the addition of SmartRefs technology, Midas Version 3.10 includes:
  • full support for Notes/Domino 6, R5.x, R4.6x, R4.5x
  • importing of HTML
  • dynamic creation and manipulation of layers
  • dynamic creation and manipulation of image maps
  • batch processing of multiple separate rich text fields on a note
  • enhanced rich text comparison and red-lining
  • enhanced HTML/XHTML generation
  • new chunk definition parameters to identify a chunk by id
  • named chunk identification
  • better support for setting HTML attributes on fields, table cells, graphics and other objects

  • Version 3.10 has been released for the Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP client and the Windows NT/2000/XP and AIX servers. More details on features, as well as enhanced samples and demos on our website, will be available on the Genii Software website.