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Press Release

Midas Rich Text LSX Ver. 3.30 stresses stability and breadth
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, Ohio, 05/10/2004 -- Genii Software announced today immediate availability for Version 3.30 of the Midas Rich Text LSX. This release features many cumulative modifications to further stress stability and performance in the existing Midas Rich Text LSX HTML/MIME generation, as well as key features to extend the breadth and depth of the rich text editing engine. Some of the key enhancements:

Extended Sorting of Rich Text Tables

Expands the scope of the rich text table sorting to allow virtual views using secondary sort columns and case and accent sensitive sorts. Up to five sort columns can be specified, with no need to build indices in advance. All column sorts may be numeric or text sorts in ascending or descending order. Additionally, sorted rows will maintain the current sort order for all exact matches.

Enhanced HTML generation
Extensive work has gone into the HTML export engine, including settings to choose whether hide-when formulas and flags should be considered, internal logic to minimize paragraph classes, support for text popups in HTML, support for highlighted text, and more. The engine has been further reworked to create better HTML with many small modifications and fixes due to suggestions made by and bugs identified by users and extensive testing.

Additional support for using design elements as building blocks
To complement the existing AppendSubformBody method, there are new methods for appending pages and forms. These are useful for building stored forms, building dynamic forms for the web, and otherwise using design elements as templates for other design elements.

Additional HTML generation font control
Properties have been added to allow finer control over fonts, including setting substitutions for default fonts (e.g., Default Sans Serif, Default MultiLingual) and substitutions for other fonts.

Enhanced HTML import engine into rich text with automatic conversion
The HTML import engine has been enhanced, with more robust support for style sheets and table parameters, as well as better handling of badly formed HTML.

Enhanced Image Resource handling
Additional parameters have been added to allow instant creation and replacement of image resources. In addition, the image resource engine has been updated to allow automatic creation of larger image resources (multi-item) when required.

Better support for internal ND 6.x and 6.5x constructs
While Notes/Domino 6.x and 6.5x have been supported since Version 3.00, additional support for new rich text structures and options have been added to the rich text editing engine. Special target types have been added to support "ignored" rich text.

New options for chunk definition
New target types have been added to allow cycling through "NonBlankText" as well as to better better specify specific substrings in rich text to match for the chunk.

Version 3.30 has been released for the Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP client and the Windows NT/2000/XP server. The AIX server version will be released shortly. More details on features, as well as enhanced samples and demos on our website, will be available on the Genii Software website.