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Announcing Midas LSX 5.60 with enhanced rendering
Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software
+1 216-991-5220

Cleveland, Ohio, 08/14/2019 --

Genii Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Midas LSX 5.40, the latest enhancement to its highly regarded coexistence and email fidelity software, now available for Windows and Linux. Along with additional performance improvements, the major features are related to the data rendering.

A few highlights:
  1. Expanded support for active elements in generated HTML/MIME/etc.

    As with tabbed tables and sections, caption table and AdvanceOnClick tables now have support for both full JavaScript and pseudo-class JavaScript renderings so that they will act on the web the way they do in Notes. See the short video at the bottom of the post
    When low code is no code - saving space for mobile for an example showing AdvanceOnClick tables.
  2. Enhanced support for keyword and other form element rendering to HTML/MIME/etc.

    Whether rendering a form or a forwarded email, keyword fields such as radio buttons and combo boxes and checkboxes will render looking the way they did in Notes.
  3. Support for rendering language tagging in text.

    Whether a word or phrase or multiple paragraphs, when text is tagged with a language, rendered HTML/MIME/etc. will include that language tagging so that screen readers can pronounce it properly and discovery tools that use language can find and identify it properly.
  4. Custom replacement engine for Notes/Domino rendering to rich text

    Due to various bugs and deficiencies, we have incorporated a new internal engine to render a form and its fields to rich text faster, with greater fidelity, and with greater stability. This is largeley hidden, but is most obvious in places such as the Export to CSV used by so many customers to render full documents with their forms to HTML or MIME.

Midas LSX 5.60 is available now for all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms running IBM Domino 8.x/8.5.x/9.x or HCL Domino 10.x/11.x.

Please visit our Midas LSX page to find out more about pricing and customer benefits. A fully functional evaluation license is available for free by filling out our on-line evaluation form.

The Midas LSXdelity is solely owned and licensed by Genii Software Ltd.