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Mon 2 Jun 2003, 07:59 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Hynek Kobelka just posted a series of lists showing statistics on the Gold forums (Notes 4&5 forum and Notes 6 forum) since 1999.  Take a look at All Users/All years, and note that Julie Kadashevich is 4th on this list, Matt Chant is 5th, and other IBM/Loti are very high up as well.  Hans Haraldsen is 21st, Andre Guirard is 25th and so on.  Those four alone have posted 11263 posts on support forums where they are not paid to provide support.  That is dedication!
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Btw, I am both #27 and #32, because I started posting more through Notes in recent years, and my posts from my Notes client show as Ben Langhinrichs while my posts from a web browser show as Benjamin Langhinrichs.  Combined, I would probably be #12, unless there are others whose numbers are similarly split.

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