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Charred Dead Cow In A Bun With Processed Cheese

Mon 21 Jul 2003, 06:11 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Others (such as Mark Bernstein in this post, and Julian Robichaux in this post) have been blogging about the Bulwer/Lytton fiction contest, a great contest for the worst opening line to a (non-existent) novel.  On a related note, it has been said of IBM that if it tried to market hamburgers, it would call them Charred Dead Cow In A Bun With Processed Cheese.  Unfortunately, IBM is slipping, as this webcast about Lotus Workplace Messaging shows.  It may be a bit long winded, but the message is great.  IBM has to watch out, or it could lose its reputation for lousy marketing.

So, in the spirit of helping out, I suggest that people (here or in their own blogs) suggest really bad marketing slogans or messages for any of the Lotus/Websphere products.  

A couple of samples:
  • Lotus SameTime - Obtrusive, omnipresent, in your face message interrupter
  • Lotus Notes - Different people getting together, well not actually together, to share stuff in real time, or not, and find out if they have any reason to work together, apart

but you can pretty much do whatever else you like.  Let's help Big Blue avoid the danger of insightful, targeted marketing, which might cause some sort of a glut of business for us all.

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What has been said:

26.1. Tom Duff
(07/22/2003 11:04 AM)

Good humor, and a good reminder that I need to watch that webcast.

26.2. Richard Schwartz
(07/22/2003 11:21 PM)

Lotus Workplace Messaging - It doesn't do much, but it doesn't do it for a whole lot of users.


26.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/22/2003 11:35 PM)

Tom: Thanks, and do!

Rich: LOL. Good one.