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Trying out a new look and feel for website

Thu 24 Jul 2003, 12:21 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I have had a designer create a new look and feel our website, and would appreciate any feedback, either here or to .  You can reach the new site and compare it with our old site to see what is different and what you like better (or not).  Any feedback on any aspect welcome.

Before I get too much feedback on the content, that is still somewhat incomplete, especially the product pages, but will be filled in over the next few days.

Copyright 2003 Genii Software Ltd.

What has been said:

29.1. Vince Schuurman
(07/24/2003 12:50 AM)

You mean apart from the missing download links? ;)

When clicking on a link in the download menu, it opens a download dialogbox directly. I personally would prefer if it opens a download page with info about the product.

29.2. Tom Duff
(07/24/2003 06:53 AM)

The new one looks much more "corporate". I like it a lot.

29.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/24/2003 07:02 AM)

Vince - Thanks. I have fixed some of this.

Tom - Thanks. I need to finish it up, but it was time for something better.

29.4. Tim Latta
(07/24/2003 08:06 AM)

A much more professional look.

29.5. Joe Litton
(07/24/2003 12:16 PM)

Much MUCH nicer look! Image is critical and this looks so much more refined.

Two minor suggestions:

1. Usage guidelines often suggest having the site title or logo as a clickable link in the top left, taking one back to the home page. The lamp logo is clickable; you might consider making the 'Genii Software' text at the top left a link to the home page as well....or making the entire top banner clickable.

2. I run 1024x768 resolution - fairly common. In both IE and Firebird, I keep the nav bars to a minimum to maximize screen real estate. With both browsers, however, the 'contact us' and other links at the bottom (and the copyright) is below the visible area, and one must scroll to see it. It may be worthwhile to adjust the vertical space used to allow the contact/privacy/site map to display without scrolling. I know that many folks have several rows of toolbars at the top of their browser, and these folks would see less than I do.

Great looking new site!

29.6. Bruce Elgort
(07/27/2003 12:54 PM)

Lookin good Ben!

29.7. Michael Bourak
(07/28/2003 04:31 AM)

1) Strange the "Home" link is on the right and "About" link on the left of main nav bar

2) Maybe a little too corporate or conventional

3) Maybe could highlight more your expertise (maybe the main picture could illustrate "rich text" and be a little less corpo so will solve 2 and 3)

Otherwise, looks very clean and pro !

29.8. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/30/2003 09:08 PM)

Thanks all! I will be rolling something new out shortly which incorporates some of the suggestions here and also fills in missing pieces.