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Lotus Workplace article by Jeff Calow

Wed 6 Aug 2003, 01:24 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
On Ed Brill's advice, I read the recent article by Jeff Calow on Lotus Workplace.  The article is well written and strengthens my belief that IBM has something here.  They seem to have found a positive way to leverage the strengths of desktop clients, such as Notes 6 and a future "rich client" without the liabilities of the client server architecture.  I am interested, and am feeling more positive about this initiative all the time.  Maybe if I create that Midas for Java I blogged about, I can get it to work with the new (to-be-created) rich client as well.  In any case, I think this and the Domino Express offerings together are likely to breath a lot of life back into the Lotus world, which is already doing better than I think IBM expected with Notes/Domino 6.  My business is certainly booming, and with these sorts of initiatives, I am confident in the future of Genii Software as well.

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