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Going to London

Wed 22 Oct 2003, 12:10 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I'm travelling to London on Saturday for the Groupware Magazine Admin-Developer 2003 conference, which starts Monday.  I'll be presenting a couple of sessions, one called Rich Text Tips, Tricks and Techniques and another called Advanced Notes/Web Coexistence.  In addition, I'll be meeting with a few people, and should have some material at the Penumbra booth.  I'd love to meet up with any clients, partners or even blog-devotees.  Let me know if you are attending or will be in the area and would like to meet up.

Other presenters include Rocky Oliver, Rich Schwartz, Andrew Pollack, Dieter Stalder and a bunch more.  It should be a great conference, and a bet you could still get in if you tried.  

I'll be connected and might blog while in London, but I will certainly post the session materials and demos after they happen.

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60.1. Thomas Duff
(10/22/2003 01:22 PM)

Good luck, Ben... I'll be interested to see the slides when you get back.