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Don't say I didn't warn you

Tue 27 Jan 2004, 04:56 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
If you didn't get to my session early, don't say I didn't warn you.  My session was very crowded, and had to go to an overflow room (I feel sorry for them).

Anyway, the session seemed to go well, after a slightly slow start when my video didn't work.  I was more nervous than usual because it wasn't a rich text session, but the flow generally seemed to work, and the demos/samples seemed to make sense (to me at least).  Anybody out there want to comment?  Maybe Buga DiFino?

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What has been said:

101.1. Scott
(01/27/2004 03:26 PM)

Ben, excellent session. I'd love to see you sample code. Are you going to be putting it up anywhere? I'd never seen the popup the way you did it.


PS: I think you wore out those 2 doing sign language.

101.2. Teri
(01/27/2004 09:00 PM)

It was a FUN session! My face hurts from all the laughing/smiling I did during it... I'm here looking for code too... I love your simplistic approaches and your real human presentation skills... thank you for one of the few great sessions I've attended this year at Lotusphere 2004.