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Hope to see you in Munich

Sat 21 Feb 2004, 08:02 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I am greatly looking forward to the Admin & Developer 2004 conference in Munich, March 1 & 2.  I hope to see some of you there, and would be happy to meet any customers in the area.  One of the odd things about this business is that I often don't really know what region of a country, or sometimes even what country, customers are from.  Licenses are paid by credit card or wire transfer, and licenses sent by e-mail, so telephone numbers are often the only clue I have.  So show up and surprise me!

In any case, this promises to be an exciting conference.  Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky and Bill Hume of IBM are keynote speakers, and there are lots of sessions for both administrators and developers.  Andrew Pollack is talking about the Administration Client, which was a wild hit at Lotusphere, with multiple overflow rooms and a repeat session.  Rocky Oliver is doing his extremely popular Extreme LotusScript session and a new session, I think, about rediscovering the power of formula language, a favorite topic of his and mine.  There are sessions in both English and German, and I think that many in Europe would find it worthwhile even if they don't live that close to Munich.  I don't think you'll find a better Domino conference, or a better combination of administration and developer topics outside of Lotusphere, and you don't have to travel all the way over the ocean.

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