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Sun 28 Mar 2004, 06:13 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Readers from the US are more likely to appreciate this...  

We were travelling towards Philadelphia and my wife pointed out that we were passing Valley Forge.  

"What happened at Valley Forge?" asked my youngest son, by now used to our short history lessons.

Before we had a chance to answer, our older son answered succinctly, "They had a winter, and it sucked!"

I've heard much longer explanations of Valley Forge and what it meant to the US Revolutionary War, but none quite so brief and to the point.  Maybe the kid should become a history teacher.

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What has been said:

136.1. Duffbert
(03/31/2004 05:37 AM)

Yup... that just about sums it up! :-)

136.2. jonvon
(03/31/2004 07:26 AM)

that is rather nice. i think he ought to write history books, actually. and teach too.

also, just a general gripe, who cares about when exactly something happened? i never understood the importance of memorizing dates. let's get to the important parts. like, WHY did W decide to invade Iraq?

*insert fist fight here* ;-)

136.3. Jerry Carter
(03/31/2004 07:29 AM)

I'm pulling for a budding political science major... we need more politicians with such clarity of thought and succinct communication abilities.

* blocks, jabs. *

re: Iraq: Saddam was evil, and he sucked! ;-)

136.4. Ben Poole
(04/02/2004 01:29 PM)

I've studied politics on and off for years, mainly the UK and US systems. Sad to say, the end result is me: someone who couldn't give a &*"! about any politicians. They're all scum.

So, to counter Jerry:

"Re: politics: they're all evil and / or dumb. They suck!"