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New Help db available for Midas

Mon 10 May 2004, 10:12 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Rather than wait for perfection, I went ahead and released the Midas Version 3.30 Help db for download.  The problems with it are primarily in the @Midas Formulas documents, which are not complete, but since the Gold release is not quite ready for @Midas, and the Midas Rich Text LSX Version 3.30 has been released, I thought it was better to get it out like this than never get it out, as happened for the Version 3.20 Help db, which was only ever available on-line.  Of course, the latest version is still always available on-line.

If you see anything in the Help that shouldn't be, or do not see something that should, please let me know and I'd be happy to make sure it gets corrected.  There will be another release with the final details cleaned up and the @Midas Formulas documents complete.

Oh, and one note for those who have used the Midas Help db in the past.  While the replication id is the same, the database name has changed from rthelp4.nsf to MidasHelp.nsf.  It is a far more sensible name, but I am sure somebody will download this, unzip the file, check the database and then write to tell me the changes aren't in there.  It is inevitable.

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