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Logos and graphics and icons - oh my!

Thu 3 Jun 2004, 11:44 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
As usual, I am foolishly, and probably incompetently, trying to create my own logos and graphics for COEX! Links and possibly other COEX products.  Thus far, I have:
Inline GIF image
and for the COEX! Mail product, a matching:
Inline GIF image
as logos and 
Inline JPEG image

Now, I can't tell if these are good or awful.  I do know that while the links may make sense with COEX! Links, they don't exactly make sense with COEX! Mail (maybe I should put a row of mailboxes in instead of the links).

Assuming that people hate these (or perhaps even if they do not), does anybody have a recommendation for a good logo/brand guru type who can help develop some logos, graphics, etc?  Send me an e-mail to  or post here as you see fit, but please help me spare the world from my feeble efforts.  Also, help me get back to the work I do better, coexistence and rich text solutions.

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What has been said:

166.1. Duffbert
(06/04/2004 04:37 AM)

I can highly recommend the guy who did the Team-TSG logo, Joe's personal logo, and John Roling's logo. Head over to the Team-TSG site for a link to his site...

166.2. Duffbert
(06/04/2004 05:03 AM)

Just remembered... he also did Rob's graphics for his Captain Oblivious blog.

166.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(06/04/2004 09:10 AM)

I actually thought about that, but the stuff he does seems to be cartoon oriented (not an insult, he does excellent stuff), and I really need somebody good with corporate logos and the sort. I don't know whether he does that sort of thing. The samples he has on his site are good, but not the "right sort" (says the color blind graphically challenged customer who is still always right).