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Gold forum trick

Mon 21 Jun 2004, 08:04 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
One of the entertaining things about Notes discussion databases is that the design can be studied, and people can take advantage of the quirks.  Often, this is done to provide clever HTML passthrough on views and that sort of thing, but I like this hack that Joris De Geyndt started using in the Notes/Domino 6 Forum recently.  Look at the top of this recent message I posted:
Inline JPEG image

and one that Joris De Geyndt posted:
Inline JPEG image

I couldn't resist, so I tried as well:
Inline JPEG image

It is only visible in the Notes client, which I actually prefer, as the vast majority of people both won't see it and won't be able to use this hack, which could get quite annoying, I imagine.  Anyway, if you read the Gold forums using your Notes client, see if you notice as, inevitably, more people catch on to this trick.

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What has been said:

175.1. Ben Poole
(06/23/2004 03:42 AM)

Chortle. I noticed that the header field was editable too. I think there are some posts in there where I took advantage of the fact. Not sure why it's been left that way though.

175.2. Joris De Geyndt
(24/06/2004 05:41)

Well I certainly wasn't the first to do this. If I'm not mistaken it was a post from Ben Poole that pointed my attention to this.

Ever since, most of my posts have a :-) or a ;-) in it.

175.3. Asad
(07/01/2004 02:20 AM)

i want to use @dblookup to get a value from the view but it is giving me the whole column values instead of giving me only one value

175.4. Joris De Geyndt
(06/07/2004 04:51)

Seems like they fixed it ... Pitty!