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What's in a name?

Fri 9 Jul 2004, 09:10 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
We have intentionally kept the C++ version of our Midas Rich Text LSX low profile with no announcements or web page presence, but as more ISVs and companies are starting to use it, it is probably time to start making its presence better known.  So far, I have been referring to the product as the "Midas Rich Text API", and you may have even seen that recently on pages such as the Midas agreement page.  But before we put it everywhere, I thought I should run this by our loyal blog readers.

Does the name "Midas Rich Text API" work, or should it be both shorter and more explicit, such as "Midas C++ API"?  Is there something else that could better communicate that we have a product with all the capability of the Midas Rich Text LSX, but which can be used in stand-alone programs (no Notes client), server add-ins, menu add-ins, extension managers, etc.  This is powerful stuff, but only if people recognize it.  While we are mostly aiming at ISVs, and even called this "Midas for ISVs" for a bit, it is also popular with some large companies who do a lot of their own C/C++ work and want to integrate this functionality without needing an agent or client.

So, what do you think?

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What has been said:

179.1. Stephen Hood
(07/09/2004 06:38 AM)

If you going to keep the name "Midas Rich Text LSX" (I assume you are) then I would suggest you simply call it "Midas Rich Text C++". In the end, regardless of the name, you are going to have to communicate it's unique capabilities. However if you are determined for something different, how about Midas Application Builder (C++), Midas Standalone (C++), etc, with the C++ part even being optional.

179.2. Christopher Byrne
(07/09/2004 06:52 AM)

Hey Ben,

I feel your pain as you probably know I was struggling in naming my new offering/blog "Business Controls Caddy" (and I am actually going to make it "The Business Controls Caddy" now after thought and feedback from others).

I think you might think about a tree structure in your naming:

The MIDAS Rich Text Toolkit Suite

The MIDAS Rich Text LSX Toolkit for Lotus Notes & Domino

The MIDAS Rich Text API Toolkit for C++

The MIDAS Rich Text API Toolkit for C#

The MIDAS Rich Text API Toolkit for .Net

The MIDAS Rich Text API Toolkit for J2EE

I think something along these lines is much more descriptive than simply calling it "Midas Rich Text API" or "Midas Rich Text LSX". Why? When you wre dealing almost 'exclusively' with the Notes/Domino community, LSX and Rich text were Universally understood becaiuse of our pains in these areas. As you expand your business, you want your name to be expandable as much as possible, while remaining descriptive and containing a common core.

Just my 2.5 cents worth. Knock 'em dead!

Hey for a good chuckle, check out the new Georgia Flag as posted on "The Onion".


179.3. Duffbert
(07/09/2004 04:37 PM)

How about something descriptive, like...

The Midas-package-for-really-smart-C-programmers-produced-by-a-really-tall-guy API?

179.4. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/09/2004 04:49 PM)

I don't know, Tom. Compare that with IBM Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing (e.g., Sametime) and it just doesn't seem long enough. Maybe something more like:

Midas-Rich-Text-LSX-But-Not-Really-An-LSX-Anymore-package-for-really-smart-or-even-not-so-smart-but-at-least-well-financed-C-programmers-produced-by-a-really-tall-guy C/C++/API for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino.

179.5. Duffbert
(07/10/2004 08:15 AM)

Works for me... I could readily recommend the MRTLSXBNRALSXAPFRSOENSSBALWFCPPBARTGCCAPIFIBMLND package.