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Trying out Webex

Wed 14 Jul 2004, 11:05 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Well, I haven't had a lot of opportunity to try out Webex, but I have a demo tomorrow using it, so I guess I will have another chance.  What do people think of it compared to SameTime (or whatever IBM calls it thes days)?  Any opinions?  Anything I should watch out for as a relative newbie with Webex?

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What has been said:

181.1. Neil
(15/07/2004 04:29)

I have run and attended a number of Webex presentations. Its very good. It seems to have better video performance that Sametime...

181.2. Christopher Byrne
(07/15/2004 08:55 AM)

The big advantage of WebEx over "IBM Whatever We Are Going To call The Product This Week" is that it runs on Macs seamlessly. In addition, performance is much better.

On the downside, and to me this is a biggie, there is a lot of functionality built into Sametime or that can be easily added via coding that cannot be done through WebEx (like having a web-based signup for a session that automatically populates the session profile document).

181.3. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/15/2004 10:24 AM)

Thanks, guys!

181.4. Jack Dausman
(07/16/2004 11:02 AM)


I've done both, and WebEx supports better audio/video handling (Sametime requires something like to improve A/V) but it lacks any sophisticated tools for collaboration. For large broadcast audiences, I think most people go with WebEx on a rental or lease model versus a buy-it-all with Sametime. On the other hand, Sametime is a just-right tool for what most people do with shared whiteboarding, most of the time.