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I wish we could specify the ODS for a db

Wed 28 Jul 2004, 08:53 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
I know that it is not terribly constructive to wish this in our weblog, since nobody who can make this happen is listening, but since nobody who can make this happen has listened to such requests elsewhere, why not?

An evaluator tried to use our Send It! sample and got an error because it was in Notes 6 format, and made the justifiable assumption that the sample was not compatible with R5, which is not true.  The sample works great with R5, but when posting it the last time, I must have compressed it by accident after using in Notes 6.  Now, I could leave the extension .ns5, but that really spooks some evaluators, who think databases should always end in .nsf.

So, first, thanks! to the evaluator who actually mentioned it to me so I could fix the problem.  Second, I really, really wish I could set the ODS for a db explicitly without having to rename the extension.  Please, please, please!

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What has been said:

187.1. Richard Schwartz
(07/28/2004 09:27 AM)

I agree that we should have that capability in the product. Meanwhile, you can create an NS5 database, but then rename it NSF at the OS level. Far as I know, that should work fine. Should also be possible to write an API program using NSFDbCreateExtended with the DBCLASS_V5NOTEFILE option, while still specifying an extension of .NSF.


187.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(07/28/2004 09:52 AM)

Oh, I know you can just make a new replica with .NS5 and then rename at the OS level. I do that quite often, but if you accidentally compact it after that, it will switch ODS. That is what burned us this time, I am quite sure.

187.3. Andrew Pollack
(07/28/2004 03:36 PM)

It'd be good to at least be able to specify those that are always active anyway. I'm not sure I'd want to give people the ability to specify older and older ones for fear of running more and more old code.