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Free Ben campaign underway

Tue 7 Sep 2004, 09:54 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
The campaign to "Free Ben" from the Member Spotlight on LDD, where he (actually I) has been trapped since February, is picking up steam.  First, Florian picked up the call (he also has his own "Free Ben" graphic), then Rob added his voice.  I have added them to the "Free Ben" SpotLight Roll of Honor below:  Will you be next?

Update: FileSave (aka Chris Byrne) has joined in with this excellent entry including this unforgettable poster:
Inline JPEG image

SpotLight Roll of Honor

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Domino Unplugged
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Business Controls Caddy (aka. Chris Byrne,  aka. File Save)
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What has been said:

209.1. Florian Vogler
(07.09.2004 07:32)

"picking up steam" you say ?

Hey, you're making an avalanche of this - you know more people than I do ...

Got a free MIDAS license in return ?


209.2. Ben Langhinrichs
(09/07/2004 07:36 AM)

Sorry, no free licenses, but I did point a lot of people to your blog and added you to the SpotLight Roll of Honor.

209.3. Florian VOGLER
(08.09.2004 13:34)

Good things are never free :)

Speaking of free(dom): Any news yet ?

I don't think they will accept anything as a match for you that easily ... maybe we should threaten them with more posters from FileSave and me (ok, maybe only mine are really threatening, FileSave's is a piece of art in comparison!) ?