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COEX! Links becomes CoexLinks

Thu 14 Oct 2004, 12:16 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
In an effort to make the COEX! Links name more readable, but keep a recognized name with wide appeal, we have agreed with Granite Software, who sell and distribute the product for us, to rename the product CoexLinks.  You will see this on our website (and on theirs shortly as well, but I bet I'm more nimble), and you will also see a stunning revisionist move where I rename existing references in this weblog and on forums.  The separation point will be when COEX! Links 1.0 switches to CoexLinks 2.0, as that is when I rewrote the product with sole ownership.  

Rewriting history just sounds like fun sometimes.

Note: He was more nimble than I thought.  All references on Granite Software's site seem to be changed as well.

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