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Can you say "Freudian slip"?

Sat 16 Oct 2004, 08:41 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Reported on in the article Bush, Kerry sharpen attacks on the campaign trail:
Bush sought to counter suggestions that there will be a military draft if he's re-elected, but the president almost blew his line.

He said that, after a debate with Kerry, "I made it very plain. We will not have an all-volunteer army." The crowd fell silent. "WE WILL have an all-volunteer army," Bush said, quickly catching himself. "Let me restate that. We will not have a draft."
Well, at least the next time Bush is asked in a debate, if anybody is ever stupid enough to let him near another debate in his life, whether he has ever made a mistake, he has a good one to point at.

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