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Announcing Midas Rich Text Version 3.40a

Mon 1 Nov 2004, 10:22 AM

by Ben Langhinrichs
Genii Software is pleased to announce the release of the Midas Rich Text LSX Version 3.40a, with enhancements to the HTML generation engine, the HTML import engine, and the rich text manipulation engine, and the simultaneous release of @Midas Formulas Version 3.40a and Midas Rich Text C++ API Version 3.40a.  This version marks the first release with all three products sharing the same code base, but it also offers major improvements to file attachment handling and HTML importing.  (Please note, there was no Version 3.40 of the LSX, because we wanted all three products on the same version)

The Midas Rich Text LSX gives Notes/Domino developers real control over Notes rich text fields using simple LotusScript classes. Add the power to program rich text, re-shape it to meet your specifications and integrate it into your application workflow. Create and control high quality, standards based HTML.  Sort, create, rearrange and transform tables, sections, hotspots, links and other rich text elements. Utilize features such as dynamic link creation and wildcard search/replace to build powerful template driven applications in Notes and on the Web.

@Midas Formulas offers the Midas power from formula language, as well as the ability to look up information from rich text tables using @DbColumn and @DbLookup.  For simple tutorials on the @Midas Formulas, see our @Midas for Domino Developers series, including Part 1 - @DbColumnPart 2 - @DbLookup and Part 3 - @DbCommand.  @Midas Formulas also give easy access to Midas capabilities from Java.

The Midas Rich Text C++ API lets ISVs and programmers use the Midas power from C++, thus allowing you to build rich text manipulation easily into your own extensions and programs.

Read the press release, or visit the Midas Rich Text LSX page@Midas Formulas page or Midas Rich Text C++ API page for additional information.

Copyright 2004 Genii Software Ltd.

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