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Exchange rates certainly make for good deals

Mon 15 Nov 2004, 10:48 PM

by Ben Langhinrichs
A Midas Rich Text LSX 3.x server license costs $2500 US for the first server (and $1500 US for each additional).  But look at what that translates to in various currencies compared to a year ago and two years ago:
DateEurosAustralian dollarsJapanese YenCanadian dollarsBritish pound
Nov. 15, 20041,925.30 3,250.38 263,975 2,983.50 1,346.69 
Nov. 15, 20032,121.88 3,471.98 270,900 3,258.50 1,482.10 
Nov. 15, 20022,489.54 4,439.71 301,300 3,938.50 1,583.58 

So, a merchant in Munich would have paid €2490 for that server license in 2002, and would have paid only €2122 a year later and would only pay €1925 now.  That is almost 24% less in two years, and 10% less in just the last year.  Similarly, a banker in Brisbane would save almost 27% from two years ago, almost 7% from a year ago.  A trader in Tokyo would save over 12% from two years ago, almost  3% from a year ago.  A health care firm from Halifax, Nova Scotia would save  24% from two years ago, over 8% from last year.  And last, but not least, a law firm from London would save 15% from two years ago,  over 9% from a year ago.

Some pretty significant savings for those who buy while the dollar is weak.

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